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Just stumbled in. Kind of quiet here. Looks like a very nice forum platform. I've been vaping for about eight years, not exactly sure how long. I wish we had vapes when I was younger. Always loved my Nicotine but it was killing me. Now I vape, guilt free and I'm still loving my sweet Nicotine 😁. I DIY my juice now and have been mainly a MTL guy but I just started playing with some free breathing cloud chunkers. I am not part of the vape business world, just a user. I'm no expert but I suppose I've learned a great deal and will be happy to help.

BTW, where is everybody? 😂 15546111526841962724697.jpg


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Hello 00JiM2 and welcome. The forum is new and I just set it up. Hopefully we can get more members to join and participate.

I will be also spending more time on it to take it to the next level :)

I quit smoking on 2011 and I started vaping last year. I'm also still learning about this world as there's so much info details in this niche. I'm currently using Vaporesso Polar with Crown 3 Tank and dozen of flavors and juices.

Thank you again for stopping by :)