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Posting Rules

Attempt to keep posts instructive, the more data you give, the better members can offer assistance. An educational post will also help other individuals searching for comparable data. Try to give as much detail as you can. While we aren't excessively troubled with answers to posts, make an effort not to simply post one word responses to boost your post number. It's annoying to other forum members and a waste of your own time!!

Try to keep on topic. If you find that something sparks your memory on a different subject and you need to get it out, post a new topic so that conversation can flow freely on the original topic. Avoid hi-jacking a thread.

Personal insults, personal atacks, any methods of bullying and hate speech are not allowed and will have serious consequences. Do not use ECF to air personal grievances. Deal with those off the forum.

We are an open community and everybody is welcome here. You will be cautioned through either a PM (private message) or a Warning notice. This is totally up to the Mod or Admin that finds you being underhanded. An infraction could restrict your capacity to make new posts. An excess of infractions and you might be banned for some days or forever.

The ECF will not permit discrimination on the foundation of race, colour, nationality, age, conjugal status, sex, sexual preference, gender, gender expression, inability/disability, religion, tallness, weight, veteran status or status of employment/unemployment. Objections may be reported directly by utilising the report function on posts or via a direct PM to one of the members of the Admin & Mod Team.

Keep it clean. Swearing and vulgar language is not welcome here.

ECF will not allow discussions on this forum of any kind of drugs or illicit substances. This includes weed, marijuana and similar substances or additives - as well as related vaping devices.

Don't post personal information. For example, full names, addresses, telephone numbers, private messages or emails. This is a normal practice for public forums and is for your own safety.

Don't Spam

I think we all know what is considered Spam. But here are a few examples:
  • posting the same post subject more than once on the forum
  • posting product promotion (punting) by vendors or retailers in any forum other than their own
  • an excessive number of member tags in a single post
  • advertising for non-vape related items/business and general nonsensical posts on obscure topics
Spam is not allowed anywhere on the forum. This includes normal posts, your profile, status updates and the shoutbox. Please obtain prior permission from the Admin & Mod team before linking to your non vape related business in your profile.

Don't Use the PM System to gather deals or publicise bargains whether you are a Vendor or Regular Member. You may not utilise the PM framework to stigmatise, criticise, or defame this site or any others. Any member of ECF discovered to do this will be banned instantly.

Trolls will not be tolerated very long.

The ECF Admin & Mod Team won't get involved in debates between merchants for instances that did not happen on this forum. The Admin & Mod team is also not obliged to aid members in private sales/swaps. ECF is not obligated for any agreement you enter into with any party or seller on this site.

In the event that you are getting data from any source discovered on the web that is not your imaginative substance, you should give credit where it is expected and a connection back if conceivable to the source of data.

Please stick to one account. Assuming that you are locked out of your old account and need to sign up with another account, inform an administrator so they can combine your two accounts. Individuals with more than one account per IP may be liable to a ban. This is waived in occurrences where there is more than one individual from a solitary family unit utilising our forum. For example, a spouse, next of kin, flat mates, and so forth...

Profiles & Signatures

Please keep it clean. Don't promote a vaping/non-vaping business or URL unless you have the permission from the Admin & Mod Team to do so. This applies to your profile info, avatar image and your posts on the forum. It would be ideal if you keep your signatures basic. Connections to vaping or non-vaping sites may be removed without explanation. Members may not connect to a seller’s site in their signature.

Respect the Administrators and Moderators

They are here to keep the forum running smoothly. At times, they can be inundated with a considerable amount of private messages and issues that need to be moderated. Every member of the Admin & Mod Team will try their hardest to get to you, please try to remain patient.

Don't irritate or purposefully pester the members of the Admin & Mod team.

If you do not agree with a decision an Admin or Mod Member has made, it must be discussed privately. Argumentative posts about an Admin or Mods decision based on the ToS of this website will be deleted without notice.

Don't be a backseat modder. We have more than enough people in charge here. Please do not act like an armchair admin. If you see something you feel is against the rules, report the post/thread and let us handle it. Gentle reminders of the rules are fine, but don't be confrontational.

ECF reserves the right to edit, modify, or remove any threads/posts hosted on the ECF Servers.

PM's (Private Messages)

It is not allowed to disclose the contents of or the participants to a PM at all, it is regarded as confidential between the participants. Unless of course the PM itself is against the rules or one has permission from all participants to disclose. The Private Message is just that... Private between the participants.